Beth McKee Elliott

Somatic Healer

whkvzdu7qjiwigvtewgsma_thumb_1fff4My journey began as a lifelong dancer and choreographer. I hold an MFA in Dance from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and a Certificate of Movement Analyst (CMA) from the Laban/Bartinieff Institute for Movement Studies, an Advanced Certificate from the Institute for Core Energetics, and I am a certified yoga instructor. I have been directing a dance company and a choreography festival for many years.

My career path as a dance professional and yoga instructor was interrupted by an unexplained illness that damaged my mobility. Not by coincidence, my personal life at the time of my physical breakdown was in a state of chaos, and I ended a 25 year marriage. It was truly a dark night of the soul to experience two very life-shattering events — the end of my marriage and the loss of my ability to dance — at the same time. It was difficult to even understand where the emotional pain ended and the physical pain began. Medical tests were failing to provide answers (I now know that I have Lipedema), and I began to search for something that would help me heal on all levels – mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. That search led me to Core Energetics, a body-mind-spirit modality that utilizes movement and dialogue to address energy blocks in the body that keep us from living to our fullest potential.

After working one-on-one with a Core Energetics Practitioner, I began to heal my broken self-image and learn to trust my own intuition, wisdom and power. I slowly took back control of my own life and started living from my heart, creating and following my own path. I began to build truly supportive personal relationships, and discovered within myself the courage to shine as my authentic self.

I am now an Advanced Core Energetics Practitioner and in private practice. My background in dance and movement brings a wealth of highly specialized knowledge about the body, movement, and meaning into my healing practice. I bring my knowledge and my history to my unique way of working with clients, and my goal is to help each one find their healing path and to live their most fulfilling life.

I see clients in person at the Somatic Haven near my home in the Hudson Valley, or via videoconferencing. If you would like to see how Core Energetics, TRE®, Laban Movement Analysis, or energy work might benefit you in your life, EMAIL ME to schedule a session or book a body reading.

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